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Distribution Automation Data Transfer Units
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LZW-32 CT For 32 Pole Mounted Switch

PSW300 series of intelligent power distribution terminal (DTU)

PSW300 series of intelligent power distribution terminal (DTU) SummaryPSW300 series intelligent···

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PSW300 series of intelligent power distribution terminal (DTU) 


PSW300 series intelligent power distribution terminal (DTU) is the latest development of the company's new generation watchdog controller according to integrated domestic and foreign advanced technology, the actual demand of the power distribution area. The equipment is installed on the responsibility boundary point of 10kV overhead distribution line, which can achieve to automatically remove single phase to earth fault and isolate phase short circuit fault.

The controller and the switch body through the control cable and the aviation connector are electrically connected to achieve the protection and automatic monitoring function. The product is used in 10kV overhead distribution line, which can greatly reduce the failure of the fault line of the accident power, narrow the scope of the fault, shorten the time of the user, so as to improve the reliability of the power supply.

Product features

· Modular design: CPU board, power board, AC sampling model, open the board and other functional modules, can be flexibly configured according to the specific situation;

· Multi CPU architecture: the use of a number of 32 bit low power embedded CPU architecture, can simultaneously control the multi-channel switch, the CPU independent operation, stable and reliable;

· The use of electric power automation system embedded software platform design, flexible expansion of application;

· Device using zero sequence power direction criterion, can accurately judge the single-phase grounding fault inside and outside the world.

· The device can be applied to the ground system of neutral point, small resistance grounding and arc suppression coil grounding system. Device can be connected with a resistor divider voltage sensor or voltage transformer, and internal circuit of which is insulated voltage signal. The device, using standard 3U aluminum alloy chassis easy to install, has excellent ability to resist electromagnetic interference;

· With battery management function. To prevent battery over charge, over discharge, improve battery life.

· Controller with data communication function can be achieved the background of data exchange through the GPRS data communication module.

Main functions

· Measurement: three-phase voltage, current, zero sequence voltage, current, 16-48 remote signaling, 26 remote signaling.

· Protection function: single phase earth(with zero sequence direction) protection,interphase short circuit protection ,over current protection, over and under voltage protection,acceleration reclosure brake.

· Automation functions: reclosing, incident record, communication.

Boundary switch fault action principle

Fault type

System mode

Switch type

Circuit breaker

Load switch

Single phase    earth fault

The neutral    point  not grounded or grounded in the    arc suppression coil

In of bounds

Out of bounds 

In of bounds

Out of    bounds 

Automatic    tripping

No action

Automatic tripping

No action

Small    resistance grounding system

Prior to    substation protection

No action

Prior to    substation protection

No action

Phase    short-circuit fault

Automatic tripping

No action

Cooperate    with superior protection, delay action

No action

Technical data

Rated current

1A or 5A;

Rated voltage

PT input 100V or sensor input;

Protection error

The error of    current setting value is no more than ±3% (or 0.02In), and the error is not more than ±3%.

Return  coefficient

Lower than 0.95

Switching  pulse width tuning range

0.1s~9.9s,Integer differential 0.01s, 
     Factory set    to 0.1s.

Tripping export contact capacity


Working power    source

AC85V-265V,Power consumption≯5W。

Normal operating temperature range


Storage and    transportation temperature


Relative humidity


Device size

4- way switch    360.5*128.7*190 (length * width * depth)

Terminal definition

Dimension chart

To control the 4 way switch as an example, the maximum can be extended to control the 6 switches

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Download the specifications of PSW300 series of intelligent power distribution terminal (DTU) Transformers

PSW300 DTU Download brochure.pdf

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